Saturday, 15 September 2012


'Stop Me Before I Kill' is an effective psychological thriller about a racing driver called Alan Colby who, after a car crash, finds himself really pissed off all the time and compulsively wanting to strangle his new wife, Denise.As she is played by the gorgeous Diane Cilento this seems hard to take, especially as he also avoids all physical contact with her. The boy's a fool.

Whilst on a belated honeymoon in the south of France, a smooth gallic psychiatrist takes an interest in Alan's case, and, especially, in his wife. Can the slightly creepy doctors radical methods cure Alan, or will they kill Denise?

Intriguing to the last, the film is perhaps most notable for a very angry performance from Ronald Lewis, and a very sexy one from the former Mrs. Connery. Occasionally quite explicit for 1960 in terms of sex and gore, it manages to keep you guessing and entertained and slightly turned on, all at the same time. Quite an achievement.

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