Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Black Mountain Side

It occurs to me that some of you more sociable types may be having a Halloween party. Ignoring the fact that you haven't invited me, if you need a soundtrack that really shivers the spine, might I suggest 'Black Goat Of The Woods' by Black Mountain Transmitter? Originally released on cassette on 31st October, 2009, it's a terrifying recording that my wife always makes me listen to on the headphones, thereby ensuring that I get really frightened on my own.

It's still out there on physical formats, people, and you can 'download' their back catalogue here. . Their new album 'Playing With Dead Things' is, appropriately, out today.


  1. It's an honour to appear on your fantastic blog :)

  2. Oh! Thanks so much. Your music is amazing, btw, it never fails to take me somewhere very odd and unnerving and really interesting.

    Right. Now to go and get that new album.


  3. That's a brilliant name for a band, btw, although for me it's the nostalgia factor rather than the awesome spookiness.

  4. A big favourite here. 'Black Goat Of The Woods' is an astonishing achievement.
    I think it should be the default music at funerals for anyone who forgets to specify an alternative.