Saturday, 22 March 2014

Interesting Postcards

1972 Outspan Orange
The National Motor Museum
Beaulieu, Hampshire

'Outspan commissioned six of these advertising vehicles in the early 1970s and they were used extensively both in this country and abroad. The engine of the car is from a Mini, though a specially fabricated chassis is used'. 

I'll bet this provided a fantastically embarrassing driving experience, as well as causing whiplash injuries wherever it went as heads snapped around to watch its progress. My only comparable experience is from when I was in the village of Bournville and a Cadburys Creme Egg car from nearby 'Cadbury World' drew up alongside us at the lights. It was the only time in my life when I have literally rubbed my eyes in disbelief. I was so shocked, in fact, that I had to pull over for some chocolate. 

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  1. It would appear Fruice have been taking note