Saturday, 5 April 2014

Interesting Postcards

The Frogmore Shopping Centre,

Not so much a centre as a short parade, these three shops nevertheless can fulfil most of the Hampshire village of Lovedean's more pressing needs, as long as they need a loaf of bread, a paper or a perm. I like the lady emerging from the lane, love the flats above and if there's a better name for a retail operation than 'Mr. Butch', I've yet to hear it.

Regular readers might recognise this from a previous posting on my defunct weblog 'This Is Not The Universe'. Weirdly, this was the most popular thing to ever appear there, with an astounding 72,000 hits. I'm prety sure the internet must have been broken that day.


  1. A rather sad - but mildly therapeutic - pastime of mine is locating pubs, shops, buildings etc from 1970s TV shows, and the like, on Google Maps*, to see what they look like now - It keeps me off the streets, right.

    A particular high point, in my world, was finding the pub that Compo, Clegg, Sid and the gang stopped off at en route to Scarborough, in the 1976 episode of LotSW, 'The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper'.

    Anyway, here's the Frogmore Shopping Centre in modern times:,-1.021759,3a,75y,88.12h,87.06t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sfIReEZlpAnpaoN-85r5fhQ!2e0

    Sadly, not a purveyor of rhythm mags in sight.

    *If only Google had a 1970s street view, my life would be complete.

  2. Good work, Sir! Interesting to see that the unit on the right is still a ladies hairdresser. RIP Mr. Butch.

  3. Nice work, Jeffman. I'd like a pair of glasses that provide a "1970s street view" at all times. Might give my imagination a rest.

    And the closing aerial shot of Scarborough by night in 'The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper', never fails to induce an almost unbearable feeling of melancholic nostalgia for holidays spent with my grandparents in the late 70's.

    1. Agreed, Fearlono. That and it's accompanying episode 'Cheering Up Gordon', rate as my absolute favourites of the first eight series (I refuse to accept any more were made after that).

      Not because those two eps are the funniest (they're not), but because of their pure, and painful, nostalgia value.

      The closing shot you mention is a beauty - an ocular eulogy to something that's lost forever.