Sunday, 6 July 2014




Who hates ventriloquists dummies? Everyone? Yes, that's what I thought. With this in mind, I was greatly creeped out by this episode of The Avengers from 1969, i.e. 'the Tara King year'.

I fully intended to cover this period of 'The Avengers' in some detail, but I've never really decided what I really think about it.


  1. Good Lord!!!!!!! I thought I had imagined this episode. I watched this with my parents and had a lot of trouble sleeping that night, and quite a few others.
    I knew it was real. They all told me I had made it up, but I knew I had seen it.

  2. PLEASE do consider doing a 'revue' for this. I've recently watched every single one of your Professionals critiques and just loved them! PS - PLEASE would you at least consider performing a similar service for 'Jason King' - one of my absolute all time favourites - thanks in advance