Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sucked To Death

As a child I had a morbid fear of quicksand. I'd probably watched too many Tarzan films*, and PIF's like 'Keep A Grid On It', a warning about the dangers of children dying in grain pits ('drowning without water') didn't help. Come to think of it, as an adult I'm still pretty scared of quicksand AND grain pits, I'm just wise enough to know that if I don't go looking for that sort of danger, it certainly won't coming looking for me.

*There is no such thing as too many Tarzan films.


  1. I know that fear. Tarzan movies as well here plus a story my dad used to tell me about someone who drowned in sawdust in a sawmill in the town he grew up.

  2. It also nearly happened to the fourth Doctor.

  3. This PIF never scared me. The reason being that I was perfectly at ease knowing where I lived had no grain pits nearby. This particular PIF was shown on the Sunday lunchtime weekly farming slot, and, (as illustrated above), is primarily for Farmers, (you'd never guess, would you?), to put a grid, on their grain pit/hopper, in order to prevent errant children, (and plastic dolls), with no sense of danger when it came to the depth of the grain storage, from falling into it and suffocating.