Saturday, 22 October 2011

High Volume Horror

'The Shout' is an intricate, multi-layered film, an enigmatic bundle of flashbacks that could simply be the ravings of a deranged mind. It's also really scary.

Charismatic drifter Alan Bates latches on to wet experimental composer John Hurt and follows him home. Bates claims to have spent several years in the Australian outback where the Aborigines taught him their darkest secrets, including a shouting technique that can kill. Hurt is intrigued and asks for a demonstration. What comes next is absolutely terrifying - not only does Bates let forth a fearsome, fatal cry, he also then assumes control over the frightened Hurt, taking over his house and the affections of his beautiful wife (Susannah York). There is something dark and primal about him, and the threat of his terrible power prevents Hurt from confronting him. It is only when Hurt realises the source of Bates' power that he can fight back, aided by the Police who are looking for Bates in connection with the murder of his family.

Powerful, troubling, and full of odd, unsettling touches, 'The Shout' is a masterpiece. Watch it, or I'll shout you dead.     


  1. They really don't come much better than this one.
    A masterpiece indeed.

    Here's a short audio file I made using some of the sounds and music used in the film. Hope you like it.

  2. I do like it, thanks for the link, Fearlono :)