Tuesday, 18 October 2011

UFO: Timelash

‘Timelash’ is a top notch ‘UFO’ episode that keeps you guessing for its duration (and beyond as, to be honest, it doesn’t make much sense in analysis).

It begins with a crazed and dirty Straker smashing up some very expensive computer equipment before a flashback reveals that, for a while, the aliens were able to freeze time and that only Straker and Colonel Lake were immune to having to act like slightly shaky waxworks. The scenes where Straker and Lake wander around the eerie, frozen studios are superbly realised - and the viewer is left genuinely intrigued as to what could be happening.

The alien plan is to destroy SHADO, end resistance entirely and then, presumably, waltz in, take over and let the transplants begin. The obvious disadvantages of leaving the defence of the entire Earth to a group of about fifty people in Boreham Wood is, as ever, up for debate, but what particularly bothers me is the fact that the aliens – who can stop time, for pity’s sake – are just so short sighted, sending one UFO to finish the job which is quite easily destroyed by Straker with the one shell he has left in his space bazooka. It’s ridiculous. & Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.    


  1. You omitted to mention the lovely Wanda Ventham! (These days better known as Sherlock Holmes's mum). Anyway, this is easily my favourite episode of UFO. I reviewed it here:


  2. How did the aliens make contact with the many venal humans (often SHADO staff) they are seen to have turned to their cause in this daft series? I love it, but Gawd 'elp us.

    This episode was especially ridiculous for the taunting "Big man!!" tannoy voice-over by Mr Barrett Homes, but still can't compete with the synchronised-miming-to-mono-cassettes-of-SHADO-voices-in-an-underwater-dome-by-mute-doubles bollocks that is 'Reflections in the Pisspot'