Saturday, 26 November 2011

Astounding Adventure

'First Men In The Moon' is classic entertainment from start to finish, aided greatly by a slightly tongue in cheek approach and some excellent (for the time) special effects. Our old mate Nigel Kneale adapted HG Wells' proto-steampunk story for the big screen and, naturally, made a bloody good job of it.

The film also looks great, brilliantly designed and soaked in wonderful Eastman colour. It's intelligent, fun and, most of all, hugely entertaining, something that the creators of the recent, soporific BBC4 adaptation would have done well to take on board. Basically, it's fantastic - a film I've seen time and time again and never failed to enjoy, and that's all I have to say on the matter, so there you go. 


  1. Used to love this movie as a kid but haven't seen it for maybe 25 years. Never realized it was a Kneale screenplay so that's all the more reason to get around to seeing it again.

    As you've been posting a lot of Nigel's work of late is there any chance we're gonna get the Unmann-Wittering take on Kinvig?

  2. Mmn, I'd have to watch it again first. Don't think I've seen it since it was first on!