Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Severed Legs & Co

It's 1976, it's 'Top Of the Pops'. The as yet unnamed 'Legs & Co' are called upon to interpret a disco version of the 'Jaws' theme by this man --

The routine, choreographed by the notorious Flick Colby, boggles the mind and bends the parameters of reality. Six pretty girls, wearing only skin tight rubber wet suit tops, high kick and pirouette around, occasionally pausing to mime shock and horror at an imaginary shark attack.

Now and again, dangling bare legs are superimposed at the top of the screen and, all the while, a pathetic balsa wood panto backdrop of a seascape has a number of cut out cardboard fins pulled jerkily across it. The girls glow, then perspire, then sweat like dray horses. Later on, no doubt, they are admitted to hospital, as the Lalo Schifrin record (not one of his best) slides further and further down the charts.

Here it is in all its murky glory.

It makes you proud to be British.


  1. Love the legs coming down from the surface. Visual-mind disco: has totally made the song for me now, the two shall be forever linked.

  2. The dangling legs are great. The worst is the backdrop and the lighting, paired with the tiny space, but I guess that's to initiate some meta-discussion.

  3. I rather liked the tune, and of course, it took me back to my slightly fevered early teens and being glued to the TV on a Thursday evening, immediately prior to a quick visit to the bathroom with a handful of toilet tissue.

  4. yes,it's naff but still much better than what TOTP & Flick Colby concocted for Bowie's 'TVC15': the blokes from Ruby Flipper in a mock-up of a dingey period living-room with a telly relaying one of the girls pouting and gyrating, whilst the lads just did handstands and cartwheels around the furniture. Breathtakingly awful.

  5. Reminds me of a similar atrocity which was recently rescreened on BBC4's ongoing TOTP-1977. The countdown at the start of the programme should have warned us: they obviously didn't have a picture of Rose Royce, nor even of a Rolls Royce, so what we get is a Mk III Cortina in a car wash. Dregs & Co's under-rehearsed flailings then barely distract from the spinning Christmas trees (representing car wash brushes) one of which breaks down half way through.
    Half-arsed would have been an improvement