Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Original Caped Crusader

'A Study in Terror’ was the first film to feature Sherlock Holmes investigating the horrific crimes of Jack the Ripper, although it wouldn’t be the last (the 1978 film ‘Murder By Decree’ does more or less the same thing, but with more money, more international stars and a more convoluted conspiracy theory).

It’s a good, solid film, made with care, with a great cast of decent and dependable British actors. John Neville delivers all the public expect from Conan-Doyle’s most famous creation, including attitude, a strong nose, piercing eyes and a deer stalker hat. Donald Houston’s Dr. Watson is a bit nondescript, but then I tend to find Donald Houston a bit nondescript, although I’m sure he was a lovely bloke and all that. 

The film also features bubbly, little Barbara Windsor as the ill-fated Annie Chapman. She’s so good at screaming it’s a real shame that she didn’t feature in more horror films.

Interesting 'Batman' cash in poster, as well, presumably from 1966, the year of Adam West.

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