Monday, 12 March 2012

Temporary Hiatus

Right, I'm off on holiday, so this weblog will be closed for about three weeks. At this point, when I say I'll be back on April 1st, you may think I'm joking. I am not joking. 'Mounds & Circles' will also be closed for the duration. In the meantime, please feel free to guess at which film this crappy screen shot of Peter Cushing comes from.


Paul (U-W)


  1. The House That Dripped Blood?

    1. Hell's teeth! I take that back. Surely it's 'Nothing But the Night', featuring an old Diana Dors and a young Cassandra from Fools and Horses.

  2. You were correct the first time, Jeffman; but you knew that, right?

    I understand that Paul's "holiday" is in fact a ruse to disguise a short stay in prison.
    The crime: failing to guide us through any more "fashions of the indoor league"

    Hope you learn your lesson !

    1. Haha... Of course... Yes... Just testing (Ahem) *slopes off whistling, while feigning interest in the Louis XIV chandelier*

  3. Attn: HBA Members,

    Updates, Changes... and No Response you might be considered D.E.A.D.

    "The Horror Blogger Alliance" is having a "Give Blood [Money]" Drive,
    March 10th to April 1st 2012, for
    more details:

    Thank You,
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    HBA Curator

  4. Does this read a bit blackmail-y to anyone else?!

    1. Can't say I like the look, sound, or smell of it one bit.

      And by the way; if anyone's interested in sending me £666 for absolutely fuck all reason, please go ahead.
      Your contribution will make me a place you can visit and feel part of something not only useful, but cool.

    2. Surely an email would suffice.