Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Farewell, Indoor League

I haven't deliberately been witholding 'Fashions of the Indoor League' from you, dear readers, it's just that they've only released one series on DVD and it was all filmed in one day so a once rich sartorial vein has now been exhausted. Let's hope for further instalments in the future.

Until then, let's pay tribute to the 1973 Indoor League Darts Champion, 27 year old Colin Minton from Easingwold. A Joiner by trade, Colin learned to play darts as a four year old child, standing on a bar stool in his Dad's pub, a bottle of pop in his hand. That's a serious jumper he's got on, and equally sturdy specs. A nice little touch is the fact that his shirt and tie, which look identically patterned at a distance, are, in fact, contrasting: the shirt has a wavy stripe; the tie a subtle paisley. Thirty nine years too late, perhaps, but congratulations, Colin, you've done Easingwold proud.


  1. Replies
    1. My thoughts exactly! Ricky Gervais used to do a gag about watching old Bullseye on Challenge TV, how the contestants would come on looking ill, old, haggard and poorly dressed before announcing they were in their 20s! What were we feeding people in the 70s?!

  2. Pre-'pressure to look good' I'll bet loads of people looked like that, and I hope there are still folk out there now who place darts above wearing tight red trousers. Let's hope Network get another series re-released soon! And Blankety Blank.

    1. Blankety Blank! Loved that :) Funny, I was channel surfing the other day and came across Big Break on Challenge, the snooker based gameshow with the never popular Jim Davidson. As they ran through the prizes; TV sets, microwaves, exercise bikes... It reminded me that there are literally no shows like this any more. Everything is soulless quizzes for HUGE cash prizes or dull talent competitions. Shame

  3. I always thought that the people on Sale of the Century who won the speed boat always looked a tad miffed. "Don't want bloody speed boat Nick, wanted the JVC Videosphere TV instead"