Tuesday, 4 December 2012


A selection of end credit art from 'Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons'. As a normal, healthy, bloodthirsty child these would always cause me to scurry away to my pencils and paper, eager to recreate these perilous situations, as well as inventing my own, usually involving crocodiles. I was always running out of red pens for some reason. 


  1. You KNOW what Scarlet is thinking from his terrified facial expressions:

    "I can't drown...but what if they never find me in this toxic waste and I'm STILL ALIVE!! Oh God, it BURNS!!!"

    "Shit! I'm falling! Got to angle myself so that I impact HEAD-FIRST so I'll be painlessly unconscious while I regenerate!"

    "Spectacled cobra! He can't kill me...but if he's cytotoxic the days of AGONY are gonna be UNREAL! Please God let him bite someon ELSE!!"

    "Gotta STOP that bomb! If it blows, I'll be ripped in two...and STILL alive! Fuck! Can't reach it!! SHIIIIIIIIIIT...!!!!!!

    "SHARRRRRRK!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! He'll take my arms and I won't be able to die!! Black! If I see you, I'm gonna kick you till your guts com out of his mouth!"

    "Spikes! Can't DIE! I'm fucked, FUCKED, FUCCCCKED!!!!"

    "Please, God! Not the treads!! NOT THE TREADS!!! Oh PLEASE! Let me DIE!!!!!

  2. Jay, I think this is the best comment I've ever had on this blog. I thank you for it. 'NOT THE TREADS!' has already entered my daily vocabulary.

  3. Thank you, sir. I've been saying those things since first coming across re-runs of Captain Scarlet on the SyFy channel. Yet, given your own talent for clever commentary on the fictional facts of our pastimes, I'm quite honored by your superlative review of my miniscule contribution.

    Unfortunately, I had just awoken when I typed the error-ridden sixth paragraph so a reader will have to interpolate Scarlet's vow of gut-vomiting vengeance against Captain Black.