Sunday, 30 December 2012

The British Private Press

This is Jasper. Yes, they have awful hair, now let's move on. Jasper have a core trio of drums, bass and guitar, and a couple of multi instrumentalists who provide keyboards, additional guitar and a pretty tidy horn section. They all sing. Their LP is a cut above many private press albums, featuring some  interesting and well arranged covers and three self penned tracks, although they're not particularly good. A tight little band, a bit glam, bit pop, bit disco, their occasionally camp album is well worth fifty new pence of anyone's hard earned.

Here's a medley of the sort of stuff which I'll bet used to go down a storm in the caravan clubs, holiday camps and miners socials they played in. It could never really be described as cool, but it certainly has something. This was recorded in Huddersfield on an undisclosed date, but I'm guessing early 1978.

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