Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sixty Second Nightmare

Everything about this advert creeps me out. Who'd have thought 'trousers that move with you' could be so sinister? Or is it the 'Rosemary's Baby' type music that someone coked up ad exec thought an appropriate musical accompaniment?

Watch the way the male model smoothes his flowing moustache: he means us harm, real harm - and if he ever gets out of that terrifying Giorgio de Chirico world he's been exiled to, we're all in the shit - unless we can get him to stand near a naked flame...


  1. Am I getting confused or did a scientific study in 1982 find that those outfits contained asbestos particles (aka: "ICI fibres") that were lethal to the wearer ?
    The horrid rapist man in that film was repeatedly stroking his 'tache to remove dangerous dust from his nostrils.
    Fortunately, the true extent of his surreal crime spree is safely locked behind CSO doors.

  2. All that's missing is a Rod Serling intro and you'd have another episode of Night Gallery.