Sunday, 29 September 2013

Short Announcement

I know I’ve only just got back, but I have decided to put Island Of Terror on hiatus for a while. I seem to have less to say than I used to, and am saying it in a less interesting way, so I’m going to shuffle off for a bit and do a few other things. British horror and sci fi and all the rest of it are still massively important to me so, believe me, I will be back and we can carry on where we left off.

In the meantime, I will still be contributing to ‘Mounds & Circles’, the smut / art blog, as well as to ‘The Pseudoscientific World Of TOMTIT’, on which Fearlono and myself will shortly be presenting our first original audio works (we’re not calling it music). In addition, there is, or was, ‘Sub-Machine Gun’.

Please continue (or start) to follow this site for updates, especially regarding some interesting ‘Island’ related events coming up in November and December.

I’m not going to say too much more, as I will be coming back here and will be around elsewhere, but thanks for all your support and your interest over the last few years, it’s much appreciated.




  1. Very sorry to hear this, Island of Terror is one of the few sites I visit every day, not only for new posts but for a trawl through the older ones. Best of luck with your other projects, but please hurry back here.

    Thanks a million,


  2. I too visit here daily, mega-miffed, please come back.

  3. All of the above squared. Also, please change the font on TOMTIT - the current one hurts my brain.

  4. Sorry to hear about the hiatus U-W - for what it's worth, I think recent content here has been as informative & entertaining as ever - but I understand too that it's a bit of a chore grinding ahead with a blog if the time & enthusiasm just isn't there, so hope a well-timed break will see things reinvigorated before long, etc.

  5. Don't become a stranger, you handsome bastard.No one can finger me with 'The Glove' like you. No one even tries, come to that.

  6. Poo!!!!! no more island for the time being. Always interesting and entertaining. Have a good break U W. But we do have M & C and Tomtit.