Thursday, 10 October 2013

The What and The Where and The When


Some dates for your diary. Well, actually, they’re dates for my diary, but you can come along too. I’d like that. My thanks to Matthew Cheeseman, a great facilitator who has made all this happen.

So, I will be at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield for a fair proportion of November and December, introducing films and answering questions and playing records and generally enjoying myself by wallowing in all the things I love: British films, the sixties, horror, Hammer and scary old telly.

I’ll provide more detail as the events get closer but, for now, here’s a summary of where I will be at certain times. I feel like I’m setting up a series of alibis. Anyway, there’s more information and booking details, etc. HERE.


Saturday, 2nd from 7pm: ‘Night Of The Demon’ (1957) + DJ Set from The Eccentronic Research Council 

Sunday, 10th from 2pm: ‘Subverse Britannia 2: A Taste Of Honey’ (1961) + Q & A 

Sunday, 17th from 2pm: ‘Subverse Britannia 2: The Knack’ (1965) + Q & A* 

Sunday, 24th from 2pm: ‘Subverse Britannia 2: Charlie Bubbles' (1967) + Q & A + themed records in the bar. 


Sunday, 1st from 2pm: ‘Hammer Bites: Curse Of Frankenstein’ (1957) + Q & A 

Tuesday, 3rd from 7pm: ‘Ghost Stories At Christmas 1: Whistle & I’ll Come To You + Lost Hearts + Stigma’

Sunday, 8th from 2pm: ‘Hammer Bites: Dracula’ (1958) + Q & A 

Sunday, 15th from 2pm: ‘Hammer Bites: The Mummy’ (1959) + Q & A + horror themed records in the bar.  

Tuesday, 17th from 7pm:  ‘Ghost Stories At Christmas 2: A Warning To The Curious + The Ash Tree’ 

*I won’t physically be at this one, so it will be twice as good. I will be sending good vibes, however.


  1. man, paul, this looks awesome, can you do a live telecast of these events in my nursery?

  2. This looks like the best Nov and Dec I could ever have.........if only I could get to Sheffield. But its nearly 200 miles for me and I don't think I would be allowed out to play. Night of the Demon The Knack Charlie Bubbles Taste of Honey Christmas Ghost Stories The Eccentronic Research Council and Mr Wittering. I will now cry and bang my head on a wall from now until Wednesday 18th Dec.

    1. Would you mind recording that tearful head-banging for me, Keith? Could come in handy on a future audio adventure.

      And don't worry too much about not making it to the above delights; my attendance last year was ruined when some dirty bloke called Paul started trying to touch me up during a sexy film.

  3. You lucky man. Thats made it worse.

  4. Thank you, gentlemen. I expect the events will be such a success that I will be offered a world tour, which I will ensure will include dates at Ben and Keith's. No-one will be safe from my love!

  5. As a resident of said city, I will attend one of the events and unbeknownst to you, slip a cursed rune into your programming notes. Then I will go away, having enjoyed the film and music.

  6. Sheffield's not far for me. But don't you show modern films, like say, 'Howard The Duck'?