Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blood On The Moon

'Killer's Moon' is a terrible film, but it does pose the interesting question of what would happen if a group of psychotic murderers and rapists high on LSD escaped from an asylum and ran into a girls school choir. The answer, of course, is that it all gets a bit messy.

It would be pointless for me to detail just why 'Killer's Moon' is so bad, or the myriad ways it doesn't make any sense because, ultimately, why should it be any good? Why should it make any sense? It's not that sort of film. It exists to show us violence and sex, and it certainly does that, often, and occasionally in a prurient, lingering way which is unpleasant given the subject matter. The most memorable characters are the well-spoken, high on acid escapees (Messers Smith, Jones, Trubshawe and Muldoon), who believe that they are in a dream therapy session and are free to exercise their base desires. In the hands of better actors they could be really creepy, but here they just seem like a right bunch of arseholes.

For all that, there's something compelling about the film, whether it be the unintentionally funny dialogue, or the intentionally funny dialogue inserted at inappropriate junctures. Perhaps most charming of all is how little any of this matters to the film makers - they're not here to give us a nuanced epic, they're here to give us a film where a frightened teenage girl, seconds away from being strangled by a drug crazed psycho, backs away from the killer only to rip her nightdress on a random nail and expose her ample bosom. Now that's exploitation.

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