Saturday, 3 December 2011

A World Of Psychotic Turmoil

Any reasonably with it person will guess the 'twist' in 'Schizo' after about ten minutes, only to then have to sit through another hour and forty minutes of slackly paced drama interspersed with three or four gruesome murders.

Is it worth it? Well, sort of, if only for the various attempts to keep the viewer guessing long after the surprise has been blown, i.e. making everyone act really shiftily at all times and, in poor old Jack Watson's case, getting him to gurn like a nutjob at every hand and turn. The most astonishing scene comes at a spiritualist meeting where, for a few minutes, this run of the mill slasher film suddenly turns into a supernatural shocker, plastic eyes, disembodied voices and all - although the bit where Queenie Watts gets a knitting needle through the back of her head is also worth a look.

Giallo-ish in form and similarly demanding in terms of suspension of disbelief, 'Schizo' isn't a totally worthless film, it's just limp and far too long but, even as I write this, I'm already starting to feel rather fond of the stupid thing.  

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