Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dr. Syn, Alias The Scarecrow

In strict contrast to Hammer's exciting and sensational approach to the Dr. Syn stories, Disney's version is, as you might expect, a bit milder and more anodyne. So mild and adonyne, in fact, that the screenshots presented here kind of sum up the production - a load of heads - no action, no death, no flaming skeletons, no blood crazed tongueless mulattos - just good old, dull old family entertainment - and the film was edited down from a three part television series (this is the production that, no doubt quite aggressively given Walt's track record, forced Hammer into the name change from 'Dr. Syn' to 'Captain Clegg').

On the plus side, good cast of great British actors, imperiously led by Patrick McGoohan. McGoohan dons a number of costumes and a number of voices, although his Dr. Syn is not particularly believable - McGoohan is far too steely eyed and firm of jaw to play a mild mannered country Parson - his Syn always looks about thirty seconds away from punching somebody in the face.

It's high time somebody made a new Dr. Syn film, all the elements are there to make a first class franchise. Possible casting? Well, Freddie Jones would have to be in it, of course, but I'm thinking of Gary Oldman for the title role. Yes, you're right, there is something slightly wrong with me.

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