Monday, 16 January 2012

F**** Me, It's Freddie

FMIF as cruel freak show owner Bytes in 'The Elephant Man'. It's one of the best things Freddie's ever done, but one of the hardest things to watch.

Freddie is a David Lynch regular, working with him on 'Dune' and 'Wild At Heart' and the TV show about a TV show 'On The Air'. Lynch, a man of impeccable taste, has said that Freddie is his favourite actor.

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  1. Love Freddie Jones! There's an anecdote from co-star Dexter Fletcher about him during filming; he'd imbibed a fair bit at lunch and decided to do the entire scene in French instead!
    His son Toby seems to be following in father's footsteps by freaking out people and stealing scenes in small roles in a range of things including a half Freddie and half Ronald Lacey-esque turn as a snivelling bespectacled Nazi in Captain America