Monday, 13 August 2012

Dr. Who: Death To The Daleks

I distinctly remember watching ‘Death To The Daleks’ when it was first broadcast in early 1974. I was nearly six. Then, I thought it was probably the most exciting thing I’d ever seen: it had Daleks, a lot of action and a sequence that put the Doctor in mortal peril if he couldn’t solve a series of mind numbingly difficult puzzles. I loved it, and thought and thought about every detail so I wouldn’t forget it before the Target book came out.

Having recently re-watched it I’m sorry to say that it looks tired and cheap, although it is still surprisingly violent. Elements like the predatory cyber serpent / hoover attachment that terrified me first time around now made me chuckle, and the complex tests of intellect were revealed as souped up playground games. Time can shatter illusions, of course, but not affection: I still love Dr. Who, and I always will, no matter how often the incredible, exciting, fantastic show I was so enthralled by as a kid is revealed as slightly silly and cobbled together. I’m British, damn it, what else would I expect?

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