Saturday, 18 August 2012

More Moore Than Before

I know what you're thinking: two Roger Moore's? Oh, fuck off - but 'The Man Who Haunted Himself' is a very effective thriller indeed. Perhaps more metaphysical than supernatural, Moore plays Harold Pelham, a Marine Engineering executive of extremely regular habits: he wears the same tie every day, works exactly the same hours, always buys the same make, model and colour of car. He even refuses to sleep with his wife because it would crease his pyjamas too much. After a near fatal car smash, however, he is dismayed to find that there seems to be another Harold Pelham out there - a smirkier, sexier one who is enjoying himself a lot and, it seems, planning to replace the original entirely.

The film never bothers to explain how there came to be two Moore's running about London and, in the end analysis, it doesn't matter. A fantastic situation is created, continuity is maintained, and the conclusion is satisfactorily arrived at without reference to boring old reality. Well done, Rogers!

In  a bold casting move, King of The Island Freddie Jones is on hand to provide Roger with psychiatric assistance. That's right, Freddie Jones is the sane one! But more of that tomorrow... 


  1. Had never heard of it but now I want to see it!

  2. IIRC a very atmospheric film, about as hard-edged as RM gets.