Thursday, 21 February 2013



  1. Love this episode !
    Regan gets information from his snout that the new postman in town is a nonce. Jack and George lie in wait, ready to blast some sense into him during his early morning delivery round.
    Hearing footsteps approach, Jack loses his cool kicks the door open, and puts six rounds straight into an innocent milkman's face.
    The milkman survives, but Regan gets a right bollocking from Frank Haskins, and is put on lollipop duty for 2 weeks.

    1. Remember it well. On a plus note, while the unfortunate milkman recuperated in hospital, George got to shag his wife.

  2. "Jack and George lie in wait, ready to blast some sense into him..."
    Honestly, Fearlono, in all my years around guns and training the people who handle them, the words "blast some sense into him" are a phrase I've never heard before. Yet, as a corrective treatment for the condition of nonce-ness, I appreciate your prescription, doctor.
    Send that postman to the Winchester chemist right away.

    I used to (facetiously) tell my trainees:
    "Remember: Murder is the ultimate in UNSAFE gun-handling." But, this time, we'll let Jack and George slide.