Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's A Small World

Fred Slaymakers Wonder Village,
Wannock Gardens,
Polegate, Sussex.

Good to see the Creator at the centre (and a bit off to the top left, respectively) of his own little Universe.In Sussex, God wears a beret. Fred Slaymaker spent ten years building the village out of concrete and rubbish: it includes coal scuttles, bin lids, tea trays, ashtrays, corks, bottle tops and bits of bike. So when does a model village become Outsider Art?'. I suppose the first time someone looks at a discarded cigar tube and thinks 'that would make a nice miniature chimney'.

I noticed that Fred included a travelling fair in his vision although, of course, it doesn't travel anywhere. The fair is a recurring feature in these tiny idealised towns: all the fun, permanently.

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