Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Modernist Public Houses Of The Realm


  1. Many a time I remember driving past The Chopper on my way into London, and it always made me smile.

  2. Possibly the strangest 'modernist' pub that I've ever known, although it closed long before I could ever drink in there, was The Farriers in West Bromwich. Used to walk past it every week in late 70s/early 80s, shopping with my mom.

    What made this particularly unique (at least to my mind) was the fact it was located inside an indoor shopping centre - but that's West Bromwich, for you.

    This photo from the Sandwell Centre shows the pub at the far end of the parade, with Bass sign on the wall:


    1. Lovely photograph, and capturing the spectral old ladies in mid-materialization is just showing off.

      I owe you a pint (of Bass)

    2. Afraid it's not mine. It dates back to 1971, when I yet to be a twinkle in the eye.

      There are more here:


      Scroll down to bottom quarter of the page, or search (Ctrl+f) for Sandwell Centre.

      I'll still have that pint though.

  3. Oh, splendid! Have you seen the Shire Discovering Inn Signs book (by the brilliantly named Cadbury Lamb)? Some fabulous ones in there. I especially like The Merry Maidens (in miniskirts).

  4. Blimey, I used to drink in the Clem Attlee (or just 'The Attlee' as it's know). It's in Fulham, or was.