Thursday, 9 May 2013

Interesting Postcards

Poldark Mine
near Helston, Cornwall

Staying around Helston, may I present 'one of Cornwall's finest attractions', the Poldark Mine, which clearly has a lot going for it aside from its blatant TV tie in name. Where else could you walk around wearing a hard hat and tiny shorts and a vest? Go where the men wear less clothes than the women? Eat a picnic on a field in the shadow of archaic industry as a post-nuclear sun sets?*

Being in Cornwall, the Poldark mine was for the extraction of tin. It still is in a way, as it remains a major tourist destination and now costs a tenner to get in.

*The answers are, respectively, in a real mine, as actual miners often worked near naked; in countries under Sharia Law and, finally, Rotherham.

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