Thursday, 30 May 2013

World Of Wax

More from the wacky 'World Of Wax'. Here, a redundant model is melted down. There's something unspeakably awful about its slow dissolution, especially as it is so realistic. I don't know who the model is, but I would guess at him being the leader of a fifties Communist country,  perhaps one who ended up being deposed and murdered, maybe beheaded and melted down. It would be chilling, if it obviously wasn't at such a high temperature, and the heads impassive expression throughout adds an extra layer of horror.    


  1. Ugh chilling! Looks a bit like Norman Stanley Fletcher! I suppose it could be someone near forgotten now as you say some 50s communist leader, Josef Frank maybe?

  2. 'Man with melted face', and all his other cranial features, too. All that's left at the end is a pool of coloured wax, a clump of hair and a couple of eyeballs.