Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Wrestling

I love The Wrestling, the proper, sweaty, fat, hairy middle aged men pretending to be in agony wrestling. And look at those prices! Book then to avoid disappointment.  


  1. Ah. Childhood Saturday afternoons spent with Dickie Davies and his Mallen streak, watching two grown men pummel each other in the ring.

    Operation Yewtree will be taking a witness statement from me in the morning.

  2. The wrestler in the picture looks like Larry Taylor off of Zulu and that wife swapping film. I suppose it could actually be him...

  3. Good call, but it's ex-Royal Marine and boxer Big Bruno Elrington, also known as Gunboat Harris.

  4. Which led me to Wrestling Heritage website, which has now consumed several hours of my life!

  5. For many decades I have been a great fan of Professional Wrestling on ITV's World of Sport since the late sixties when I was four or five years old and now I am 50.

    The Famous Grapplers included Jackie Pallo,Mick McManus,Steve Logan,Big Daddy,George Kidd,Johnny Saint,Les Kellett,Brian Maxine,Alan Dennison,Kendo Nagasaki,Pat Roach,Gil Singh,Johnny Kwango,Jim Breaks,Sid Cooper,Masambula,Honey Boy Zimba,Bert Royal,Vic Faulkner,The Saints,The Black Diamonds,The White Eagles,The Hells Angels,Billy Two Rivers,Johnny Yearsley,Johnny Czeslaw,Mike Marino,Colin Joynson,Terry McDonald,Rollerball Rocco,Marty Jones,Giant Haystacks,Leon Arras otherwise Brian Glover,Ivan Penzecoff,Alan Colbeck,Mal Sanders,Steve Grey,Steve Best,Zolton Boscik,Jon Cortez,Steve Veidor,Gwyn Davies,Phil Person,Prince Kumali,Big Bruno Elrington,Ian Campbell,Wayne Bridges,Johnny Kincaid,Dave Soulman Bond,Clive Myers,Kung Fu,Tibor Szackas,Caswell Martin,Jackie Pallo Junior,Rasputin,Grasshopper,Terry Rudge,John Carlo,Greg Valentine,Mike Jordan,Eddie Riley,Robbie Brookside,Steve Regal,Eric Sands and Neil Sands.

    The Famous Venues-The Royal Albert Hall,London,Accrington Town Hall,St'James Hall Newcastle Upon Tyne,Seaburn Hall Sunderland,Bognor Regis,Lewisham Concert Hall Catford,Fairfield Halls Croydon,Brent Town Hall Wembley,Woodville Hall Gravesend,Hemel Hempstead,S'Albans,Fulham,Epsom,Stockton,Peterlee,Aberdeen,Liverpool,Manchester,Dewsbury,Leeds,St'Helens,Northgate Arena Chester,Portsmouth,Southampton,Oxford Town Hall,Woking,Dorking,Rochester,Chatham,Cheltenham,Eastbourne,Leigh,Newark,Newbury,Ascot,Sheffield,Nottingham,Tooting,Canterbury,Shepperton,Ealing,Pinewood,Glasgow,Plymouth,Exeter,Wolverhampton,Barnsley,Bolsover,Slough,Twickenham,Bath,Hastings,Bedworth,Bedford,Bournemouth and Solihull.

    The Referees and The MC's with Lee Bamber,Frankie Blake,Max Ward,Mike Judd,Charlie Fisher,Bobby Palmer,Joe D'Orazio,Tony Mancelli,Lou Marco,John Harris,Brian Crabtree,Dave Reese,Ken Joyce,Ernie Baldwin,Ernie Lofthouse,Don Branch,Gordon Smith,Raymond Miller,Kenneth Lazenby,Jeff Kaye,Frank Casey,Billy Finlay,Roger Brown,Terry Harvey,Sammy King,Stan Stone,George Peake,Joe Hill,Johnny Dale,Peter Bates,John Curry,Paul Charmers,Peter Jay,Peter Szackas,John Hall and The Commentators with Peter Cockburn and The late Kent Walton.

    The Great Memories of ITV's World of Sport Professional Wrestling from Wednesday November 9th 1955 to Saturday December 17th 1988 after 33 wonderful years on Independent Television Sport.

    Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.