Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Derek in Disguise

By 1982, Roald Dahl had stopped doing his own introductions to 'Tales of The Unexpected', but the show carried on regardless for several more series. Here's Derek Jacobi in 'Stranger In Town', a great episode where a flamboyant but mysterious clown like figure turns up one day, becomes an instantly recognisable 'character' and then, when everyone knows one face, suddenly reveals another...

Filmed entirely on location in Norwich (the series was one of Anglia TV's most successful productions) the show is packed full of great vintage shots of the Fine City (tm), a place where I lived for several years in very happy circumstances. The flamboyant but mysterious clown like figure even stays at the Maids Head Hotel, where myself and Mrs. U-W had our wedding reception. Ahh.

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