Thursday, 4 August 2011

UFO: The Psychobombs

'The Psychobombs' is a 'UFO' episode originally broadcast on December 30th, 1970.

In it, a UFO lands, as usual, a few miles from the SHADO base, and begins transmitting hypnotic radio signals. The first three receptive people in the vicinity (Mike Pratt, Silver from 'Sapphire & Steel' and the very pretty Deborah Evans) are given the gift of unlimited energy and power and sent out to destroy key targets. It's rather good, slightly sad, and has a surprisingly high casualty list.

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  1. One of the "earth-bound" stories in the show, NOT one of the best for suspense however it does deliver in terms of a break from the usual hijinks and attempt to deliver something more - if you'll pardon the pun - down-to-earth.
    In ding this, the team manages to open an avenue of reality which everyone can relate to. Considering that most in 1970 couldn't understand the show in the first place, this was an undoubted plus.