Saturday, 13 August 2011

FBTG: The Gatecrasher

In the first ‘From Beyond The Grave’ story, natty neckerchiefed David Warner buys an antique mirror from Temptations Ltd, but pretends it is a reproduction to slash the price, which he then negotiates down even further. A bit cheeky, and altogether a very bad idea.

Having a party, he and his annoying friends decide to hold a séance, which is no fun at all as it unleashes a malevolent spirit trapped in the mirror who, ultimately, takes control of Warner, forcing him to kill again and again.

In time, when enough blood has been spilled, the spirit is able to leave the mirror and walk the earth. He is not in the least a nice man, and this concept is particularly unpleasant. To put the tin lid on it, poor old blood-stained Warner finds himself in the mirror world.

Years later, the new tenant of the flat has a party, and he and his annoying friends hold a séance, and the whole cycle begins again. Ulp.

1 comment:

  1. Extremely fast paced, and very, very nasty. Warner's rapid slide into full-blown psychopathic behaviour is a joy to behold.
    I also like his interior re-design work, and greatly admire the look of his blood-soaked, corpse-filled flat.
    No room for comic relief, just total fucking mayhem. I'd swap everything I own in exchange for that mirror !