Sunday, 25 September 2011


'Legend Of The Werewolf' (1975) was a product of the short lived British production company, Tyburn. Set up by Freddie Francis's producer son, Kevin, they only managed three films under the Tyburn imprint before disappearing, but they're all horror films and will all eventually end up on these virtual pages.

Directed by the brilliant Freddie Francis, 'Legend Of The Werewolf' is a not particularly brilliant film, but it's unpretentious and easy to watch. The tale of a boy raised by wolves who grows up to be a werewolf, it doesn't take itself particularly seriously, and relies on strong performances from old, safe hands Peter Cushing, Hugh Griffith and, in a wig and false teeth that make him look like a cross between old man Steptoe and Barry Gibb, Ron Moody.

The werewolf make up is strongly reminiscent of 'Curse Of The Werewolf' from 14 years earlier (i.e. exactly the same) and the storyline, in which the werewolf revenges himself against people who slighted him and his prostitute girlfriend, is a familiar British horror film device, although they don't really stick to it for long.

Still, I like it.

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  1. I reckon Ron Moody's zoo would be shut down today. Not much to look at, although I suppose having a werewolf on the staff is quite impressive.
    I'm also very fond of this, despite the bizarre Steptoe and Barry Gibb hybrid (with a dash of Roy Castle ?)