Friday, 23 September 2011

Tomorrow Come Someday

'Tomorrow Come Someday' isn't the most obvious candidate for a place on The Island, but it was 'suggested' by the previous two posts, with which it shares some interesting points of similarity.

Made in the Summer of 1969, 'Tomorrow Come Someday' is a fifty minute amateur film, a musical comedy about a young artist who arrives in a small Sussex village (where they used to grow oaks for warships, see 'Pannage') just in time to fall in love and to help prevent an attempt to drive a motorway (see 'Requiem For A Village') through the heart of her newly found idyll.

Extremely quaint, it's basically a filmed version of an am dram musical with some shouty performances and slightly dodgy dance routines. It must have been great fun to make, with the whole community seemingly involved, and I'll bet the premiere in the village hall was packed out.

The reason that the film is not currently mouldering away in a box in someone's loft is that the soundtrack was written and produced by John Ferdinando and Peter Howell - a multi-talented duo (Howell worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for 25 years) who, between the late sixties and mid seventies, recorded five of the rarest, most sought after albums of the period. I have to be honest and say that, for me, the music on this production is very twee and can get a bit shrill now and again. If, however, you do happen to have one of the seventy or so original copies of the OST, please ignore what I just wrote and send it to me immediately.

The film was released as part of a double disc set with the OST last year. In keeping with the original production, it's charmingly low key and DIY. This is the main menu for the DVD -

That's Britain in a screen grab - they even get the title wrong.

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