Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Rites Of Pannage

We haven't had any 'Out Of Town' for a while, have we? Here's a short film about pannage, i.e. letting pigs out into the woods to snuffle up acorns and eat other interesting things which will, ultimately, make them taste better in a sandwich.

No particular angle on this, it's just an interesting bit of film, and Jack Hargreaves is, as ever, an informative and hairy host. I'm loving his combat jacket in this clip, and imagining an alternate reality where he is starring in 'The Wild Geese' instead of Richard Burton. He'd have shot Richard Harris like that.

1 comment:

  1. Smashing stuff. I was waiting for him to say "happy as a pig in shit" but this was the era before perpetual BBC3/C4 adolescence. I presume your unhesitating-shooting perception comes from Jack's evident sympathy with acting promptly & decisively in the interests of kindness (rather than allowing prolonged suffering by spasms of indulgent emotion & emotive hesitation)?

    Great sound effects. BBC library LPs? Pig noises by Percy Edwards?