Thursday, 8 November 2012

Postcards Of Longleat

'In the spring of 1966 the Marquess of Bath and Mr. Jimmy Chipperfield established the first lion reserve outside Africa. One hundred acres of Longleat Park, Wiltshire, is set aside exclusively for a very large number of lions to live in conditions as near as possible to those of their natural habitat. From 10.00 am to sunset every day of the year you can go 'on safari', in your own vehicle, driving amongst and photographing the animals at your leisure'.  

The East African Game Park, Longleat.
'Adjoining the world famous Lion Reserve, another 100 acres of Longleat Park is now the home of the largest herd of giraffe outside Africa together with zebras, antelopes, baby elephants, ostriches and many other African animals and birds. Visitors may get out of their vehicles to photograph, picnic or simply walk about near the animals in this picturesque park which is open every day of the year from 10 am to sunset'.

'One of the most fascinating attractions at Longleat is the new 'Monkey jungle'. Hundreds of African baboons live together in huge family troops just as they do in their native Africa. To have one of these ugly, yet attractive creatures sitting on the bonnet of your car, peering through the windscreen, is a novel and exciting experience and a completely new way to see these animals'.

Marquess of Bath with Marquis the Lion.

Some slightly surreal safari park postcards from Longleat Park in Wiltshire. I like the second one, with the animals gathering at the waterhole, as it seems so staged and unnatural, although, of course, the photographer could have just captured a meeting of the escape committee. The third picture makes my skin crawl (I'm not fond of baboons) and the fourth just makes me laugh.

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