Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Time Out Of Mind

'Time Out Of Mind' is an interesting and instructive short film about mental health directed by Eric Marquis. It uses all narrative devices to try and show how illnesses of the mind are 'made', how they manifest themselves and, most importantly, how they can can often be cured (time, tablets, talking - oh, and hypnotic suggestion). 

Starting with a shocking sequence where a middle aged woman commits suicide in a public convenience, the film shows us a high achiever who is so frazzled he goes into a fugue at the prospect of eating in public. and an unhappy young woman who is bullied by her family, ignored by everyone else and has a violent breakdown in a stuck lift. 

The main 'story' is about a poor man who is subconsciously haunted by his illegitimacy and has become neurotic about churches and having his hair cut. During a trip to the supermarket with his wife, he loses it completely in the clamour and crush of the busy shop, ditches the missus and runs out screaming, jumping into his car and speeding sweatily away. When he hits a red light, he abandons the car and heads off on foot, so eager is he to get home, to reach a safe haven far away from all those bloody people shuffling around with their pointless purchases. Christ, we've all been there, haven't we? 

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