Wednesday, 14 November 2012

F*** Me, It's Freddie!

FMIF as Peter in 'Cheers!', an episode of 'The Galton & Simpson Playhouse' from 1977.

In the absence of significant others, middle aged bachelors and house mates Peter and Charles share a fairly unspectacular but steady life with each other - until Peter announces he's geting married on Saturday. Clever, amusing rather than funny, it's hard to see how this would have ever have got a series but, as a one off, and with Freddie and Charles Gray, it's a very worthy way to spend half an hour.

1 comment:

  1. This story had a heavenly quality that I'm not quite able to pinpoint.
    A combination of the pub setting, Gray & Jones, and the Brigadier birding it up at the bar, made me go all funny.
    And you're right; it couldn't have made a viable series, but I wish it had been.

    If there was a Freddie Jones channel, I'd plug the aerial back into my television.