Sunday, 13 January 2013

Clear Your Diary 1

Subverse Britannia is here. Today. Ulp. Kindly make your way to the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield where, at 2pm, you can hear Dr. David Forrest introduce the superb 'This Sporting Life', the best film ever made about Rugby League.

After that, Dr. Forrest, Dr. Matt Cheeseman and plain old Mister Me will be talking about the film and the 'Subverse Britannia' mini season and what it's all about. In particular, I will be called to give evidence on what British exploitation films have to say about post war Britain, so I'm hoping I will have a convincing answer by this afternoon.

I hope to see you there but, if you can't make it, there are two more opportunities for you to get on board, on the 23rd and the 27th, so get something organised, ffs, I've done everything I can do.

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