Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interesting Postcards

Speedwell Cavern
Derbyshire (A625)


'The Guide's method of propelling the boats along the old mine levels when visiting the Speedwell Cavern. A Method copied from the old canal bargees.'

A rather motley looking crew here. In no order, particular favourites are: the ginger Bay City Roller in the cool striped blazer - absolutely at the height of fashion at the moment this photograph was taken - obsolete by the time it had been printed onto a postcard; the fellow with the semi-closed eyes, great sideburns and a fetching moustache who looks like he's probably carrying a knife; the middle aged woman with the plastic head scarf who is simply refusing to enjoy herself and, last of all, the happy tall fellow at the back who is about to get a severe concussion. They just don't make 'em like this, anymore - who these days would be daring enough to wear a black leather coat with a canary yellow polo neck? 

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  1. Could well have been there myself that day! Junior school day trip to Speedwell Cavern and the Blue John Mines. Can't remember the year exactly - '73 or'74. I do remember it was tanking down with rain though and breaking my Thermos flask.