Thursday, 17 January 2013

Come Back, Mrs. Noah

How can one describe 'Come Back, Mrs. Noah', a 1977 sitcom written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft ('Dad's Army', 'Hi De Hi', 'Allo fucking 'Allo) about an annoying old biddy (Molly Sugden) who accidentally ends up in orbit when her fat arse presses the launch button on an experimental rocket?

How about 'it's shit'? 

A much, much worse than it sounds cross between 'Space 1999' and 'It Ain't 'alf Hot, Mum', it's set in a 2050 where Britain is once again the dominant world power (yeah, right) and starts off by not being funny in the slightest before quickly becoming so pathetic that even the writers tire of the show and, realising there isn't going to be a second series, end it by simply flinging the rocket containing the ageing cast even further out into the universe, a sort of cosmic 'fuck you' to a load of shitty, shit smeared space junk. Good riddance.    


  1. This was one of my earliest TV disappointments, along with the discovery that people didn't actually live inside the television.

    Did Matt Irvine provide the 'special' effects?

  2. Did you really watch this again or are you reviewing it from memory? I've always thought this looked really stupid and shit (and not in a good way) and can't even bring myself to rent it or see if it's up on Youtube.

    Thank you so much for confirming my suspicions.

  3. I watched it and I did it for you. I only bothered with the first and last episodes, though.