Sunday, 27 January 2013

Clear Your Diary 3

'Primitive London' today, here, 2pm - with me, Dr. Matt Cheeseman, Dr. David Forrest and 'We Are The Lambeth Boys'. How can you possibly resist? Afterwards - discussion and then we'll be playing records with honking sax, twangy guitar and dodgy sexual politics.This is the last Sunday in the 'Subverse Britannia' series, so make it count. 


  1. A most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday, my thanks to all concerned.
    I must say that I wasn't prepared for the scenes of Bacchanalian excess during the DJ set in the bar. Young people unable to stop themselves from disrobing and flinging their clothes in the air in a primal procession of sonic worship.
    Billy Fury never sounded so sexy.

  2. Good to see you there. Sorry, I should have warned you about the depraved blowback experienced by those standing in the vicinity of the superstar dj's. If I'd have played one more Decca release we could have easily passed into Sodon & Gomorrah territory.

  3. Damn why am I down South. Sounds like a storming evening. I like to think I was there in spirit.