Sunday, 3 March 2013

Interesting Postcards

Giant Panda, Chi Chi

Pandas feed on bamboo shoots and are confined to the area around Szechuan in Western China. Chi-Chi was captured there in 1957 and lived in the London Zoo from 1958 to 1972

British Museum (Natural History) London SW7 5BD

There’s an inherent contradiction in a nation of animal lovers who wrench creatures from their natural habitat and put them in a cage for the duration of their lives, but there it is, we’re complicated people. The same ambiguity extends to our furry friends post mortem: having loved the creature, we have it cut up, emptied out, stuffed and put on display again - this time for all eternity. No wonder Chi Chi looks so forlorn.


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  2. Best thing is, the panda is there, while people are having their lunch or snacks by the glass, not caring at all to have a dead body of one of the cutest animals 'watching' them.

    Creepy as hell