Sunday, 10 March 2013

Interesting Postcards

Marlborough Hotel
St. Leonards on Sea, Sussex
L6/SP. 2626 

I simply can't find anything clever to say about these postcards, I find them too depressing. The Marlborough Hotel apparently closed in the late eighties, and stood empty for many years before being demolished in 2001. Rather appropriately, a care home now stands in its place.   


  1. I have worked at the care home where the Marlborough Hotel used to be. It's nice if you like that sort of thing.

  2. I have nothing against care homes, the cared for or carers, I just find it all very sad. All those uniques lives, experiences, memories inevitably becoming depersonalised and generic. Ironically, I used to live near a care home and, as I cycled past, used to think 'I wish I could sit around all day watching a big telly'. It's more or less what I do, anyway - but the thought of not having the choice scares me.

  3. What fascinates me most is how the ladies' dresses work in a camouflage way with the backdrop of the carpet and lounge chair patterns.

  4. Be both settled and smug in the knowledge you will be humanely disposed of in your dotage.
    This will unencumber concerned tax payers and save your dignity from blogs fifty years hence elaborating on ones wrinkles, smells or demonstrative mortality.