Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I have made a mix for you all. It has no theme, and is very basically some music I have been listening to sprinkled with the odd unrelated sample. I call it ‘You’re Not Alone’. And you’re not, you’re really not.

The track listing is as follows:

001 The John Barry Seven: Bees Knees / 002 Anthony Newley: Bee-Bom / 003 Jose James: Equinox / 004 Francois de Roubaix: Tempo / 005 Roger Roger: Roger Rhythm Number One / 006 The Pyramids: Out Of Limits / 007 Sounds Incorporated: Bullets / 008 The Welfare State and White Noise: Silence Is Requested / 009 Michael Garrick: Return of An Angel / 010 Jack Arel and Jean-Claude Petit: Psychedelic Portrait / 011 Ivor Cutler: Cockadoodledon't 
The accompanying image is from the 1970 Francois Truffaut film ‘L’enfant Sauvage’. I don’t just watch British horror and sci fi film and TV, you know. But I mostly do.

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  1. I enjoyed this a lot, thanks! That de Roubaix track is so good!