Monday, 15 April 2013


I'm back, metaphorically wielding a big fuck off gun loaded with facts, opinion and stuff I just blatantly made up. And I'm pointing it at you, dear reader*. In a good way.

Lots of amazing things to come, but, to start with, here's a little mix I made for you in the hope that you might like me, maybe go out with me one evening. No pressure. I call it 'Don't Blow Your Cool' but, if you can think of a better title, go for it.

The track listing goes like this:

001 Twiggy: Beautiful Dreams / 002 The Caravelles: Don't Blow Your Cool / 003 The Focus Group: Swinging Phantom / 004 Shaun Harris: Today's a Day / 005 Alan Hawkshaw: Space Probe / 006 Mikr Rozakis: Phantom Visions / 007 Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra: Dance of the Living Image / 008 Lord Rockingham's XI: Fried Onions / 009 Moe Koffman: Comin' Home, Baby / Esa Pethman: Lullaby / Anthony Newley: My Clair De Lune** 

*   That's not a picture of me, by the way. It's Nelly Benedetti in 'Le Peau Douce'.
** The Anthony Newley obsession is no better, I'm afraid, but thanks for asking. 


  1. Good choices, Chief. Glad to read ya.

  2. Didn't Tony Hart used to play this mix in it's entirety when he showed those shit pictures that young viewers had made?
    It's common knowledge that he went to the toilet for half an hour at a time, and always took Morph with him.

  3. I would go out with you one evening Mr Wittering, have a beer, maybe fish and chips in a bus shelter. Problem there of course is I live over 200 miles from you, so not a very cheap evening, plus got to get up for work the next day. The thought was there though. Fine mix.