Monday, 29 April 2013

World of Wax

Another expedition to the World of Wax, this time stopping to squint at the Literary Giants section. They're all British, of course. If you can't write in English, mate, we can't read it. I'm joking, these are pretty big names, regardless of nationality.

Bill Shakespeare wasn't around to sit for the modellers, so this figure is based on Maurice Gibb.

H.G Wells did have slightly protuberant eyes, but they weren't dead and psychotic like these. Or made of glass, of course, perhaps that's it.

Charles Dickens. If this had been the real Dickens, that blank paper would have been a book by now.  

J.M Barrie has the harrassed look of a man on trial. He also looks like a turn of the century poisoner, which doesn't help. Great Ormond Street are grateful to him, though, and so should we be.

Finally, George Bernard Shaw. Shaw died in 1950 at the age of 94 from injuries received after falling off a ladder.

If there are any hair colour bullies reading this, please note that four out of five of our greatest writers were ginger, so pack it in.

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