Tuesday, 16 April 2013

World of Wax

In 1962, the wonderful Harold Baim made a short film called 'World of Wax'. The film mainly focuses on Madam Tussauds, with particular reference to a new addition, a wax model of Stirling Moss.

Don Thompson*; Stirling; Kenneth More.

Regular readers will know I have a bit of a thing for waxworks. In particular, I have a bit of a thing for old waxworks and, specifically, past models. It absolutely fascinates me to know who was once famous enough to have an effigy made of them; I find it equally interesting to see models I don't recognise or know are no longer in place. The removal of a waxwork version of yourself must be a fairly devastating blow to the ego, I expect, especially if they melt you down because they're sure you're never coming back.

So, a few glimpses at who was in vogue in 1962. Let's start with perhaps the most ephemeral of all types of exhibit - the showbusiness models.

Here's the lad 'imself, one of the greatest comics Britain has ever produced, Anthony Hancock. By rights, he should still be there. Anyone up for a petition?

Pre Poppins, pre Maria, Julie Andrews is featured because of her stage fame in 'My Fair Lady'.

An interesting tableau. I get Tommy Steele, Leslie Caron in the centre, Bob Hope to the right. I have absolutely no idea who the man filling his pipe is, and the ginger fellow in the corner is actually quite creepy. Any ideas on the second left?

Peter Sellers, looking as difficult and pompous in image as he apparently was in real life. Fab Di Dors to his left, five years before appearing on the front of a Beatles album, you know, the famous one about condiments and the army.

Apparently, it's Harry Secombe. This series will run and run.

* Don Thompson was the only British male athlete to win a gold medal at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, for the 50km walk. 


  1. That's actually a rather effective one of Hancock, and definitely he should still be there.

    The one with the pipe is annoying me now because he looks really familiar. There's a touch of the Alec Douglas-Home about him.

    That last one of dear old Neddy Seagoon is rather unflattering. He looks more like the lonely old guy who used to frequent the 6A bus round here, reputed to do unspeakable things to cats.

  2. the 1 with the pipe...is'nt it percy thrower the gardener ??