Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Field Near You

From July 5th, Ben Wheatley's new film 'A Field In England' will be available to watch in cinemas, on Film Four, on DVD and Blu Ray and on things called Video On Demand sites. 

Wheatley is the most exciting film prospect this country has had in years, and I find the promise of his latest work, with its 'Witchfinder General' hats, magick, mushrooms and madness, so exciting that I shall be going to bed early tonight just to make tomorrow come quicker.

Just in case you're still not decided, here's a trailer that Julian House did for it. The first time I saw this I had to hold onto something to stop myself from swooning. 


  1. Likewise very excited. Have reserved the sofa for myself and the cat for 10.45 on Friday night.

  2. What did you think? I thought it was astonishing and brilliant and wonderfully weird!